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About Airfiltronix

Company Profile

Since 1979, Airfiltronix Corporation has been manufacturing quality ductless filtering systems and enclosures for industry, medicine and research. Our corporate goal has been to provide our customers with clean air solutions to their pollution problems, whether they be from vapors or particulates. Our hoods were originally developed for cytology labs using xylene and formalin. Since then, Airfilltronix products have evolved into many areas. We have found that almost any work situation which involves the use of chemicals, powders, or sprays can be made safer through the use of effective capture and filtration systems. Similarly, any environment in which people and contaminated air co-exist, such as doctors' waiting rooms, smoking rooms or hospital rooms can be made safer by removing dust, pollen, bacteria or smoke from the air.

Each situation must be evaluated individually to determine the best approach to capture and filtration. Fume hoods must be designed to maintain a predictable air flow rate through the face opening. The proper combination of blower capacity and hood face opening size will accomplish this.

Many of our systems are custom designed enclosures. We work together with lab managers, plant operations supervisors, and health and safety engineers to determine an environment's filtration requirements. We then recommend a highly functional, worker oriented solution.

Since the rise in drug discovery technology we have been provided the opportunity to put our expertise in fabricating custom enclosures to work. Over the past several years we have built many custom Laboratory Robotics Enclosures for numerous companies. We have the capabilties of working from your drawings or providing you with an AutoCad drawing to your specific requirements.

An Airfiltronix enclosure can be:

Positive Pressure - creates a dust-free work area of better than 100ppm for highly sensitive samples or instruments.Our portable clean rooms provide a particle and bacteria free work area for a fraction of the cost of a full size clean room. Units will protect product and samples from contamination with Class 100 or better clean air.

Negative Pressure - designed to enclose materials and operations under negative pressure, thereby preventing airborne contaminants from escaping into the work environment. Contaminated air is drawn through a variety of filters to remove pollutants and/or particulate and recirculates clean air back into the room. Filters are available for both vapors and particulate and recirculates clean air back into the room. Filters are available for both vapors and particulate and they can be combined for multiple substance fitlration.

Containment Hood Only- enclosure with out blowers or filtration to protect equipment from dust or for connecting to an existing ventilation system.

Most Airfiltronix enclosures are constructed of clear 1/4" thick acrylic panels with sturdy aluminum framing (other panel materials are available if required, i.e. chemical resistant, polycarbonate, polyethylene etc..). Custom ports and hinged doors can be designed to accomodate your particular application.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

  • Ductless Fume Hoods
  • Fume Extractors
  • Filters
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  • Clean Air Hoods
What's New
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New Products

Custom Negative Pressure Fume Hood with Table for Tecan Genesis 200 Positive Pressure "Clean Room" with electrically operated door for Tecan Genesis 200 Electrically operated double door for Hereaus incubators

As the needs of our customers change we continue to find ways to improve our products to meet their needs. The latest evolution of enclosures has been inspired by the proliferation of robotic instruments used in the biotech and drug discovery industries. These instruments take up large areas of lab space and many require sterile controlled environments and increased access.

To address these issues we have made several significant changes to our enclosures. We've added a new aluminum extrusion that is extremely versatile and allows us to design considerably larger enclosures with many more options for construction style, accessories, doors, and other necessary features. Additionally we can now supply custom tables to support the entire system. These sturdy aluminum frame tables can be shipped assembled or knocked down as required.

Some applications require the movement of sensitive materials in and out of the enclosure without an unnecessary exchange of air. This can be accomplished with the addition of an electrically operated door that can be controlled by the instrument's operating program. While the improvements were inspired by a specific need, the new materials have enabled us to build larger and more versatile enclosures and tables for all applications whether positive or negative pressure is required.

The photos to the left illustrate some of these features. We welcome your inquiries for new applications and features you would like to see. Please contact our Engineering Department for further information and price quotes.



New Versatile Extrusion

  • Bigger, stronger enclosures
  • More custom options
  • Custom tables for any application

Panel Materials

  • Acrylic and polycarbonate standard
  • Specially coated and chemical resistant materials available
  • Stain and chemical resistant polyethylene floor


  • Negative pressure for fume and particle extraction
  • Positive pressure for Clean Room environment
  • No filtration with connections for an existing ventilation system


  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Germicidal Lighting
  • Electrically operated door
  • Many access door options