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Custom Designs

Custom Hood Design

Airfiltronix provides customized engineering solutions to address customers' specific fume/particle problems. Our modular design enables us to build custom sized enclosures without custom sized prices. Most of our hoods are manufactured with extruded acrylic panels for sides, top and rear. We also offer special side panels for heat, impact or chemical resistance. Dimensions can range from ten inch mini-hoods to ten foot multi-person workstations. The blower/filter unit can be hood mounted, wall mounted, or otherwise located remotely from the hood. If you require a special size, special doors or other features, our engineers can help you with drawings and prices.

Our products have a very broad range of applications. Almost any work situation which involves the use of chemicals, reagents, powders or sprays could be made safer through the use of effective capture and filtration systems. The filter housing on our units will accommodate up to a 7.5 inch stack of filters including aluminum or Dacron© pre-filters, HEPA particulate filters, activated carbon or specially treated carbon for organics, acid and mercury

NOTE: Selection of filters is dependent upon application.