PCR-1000 Prep Station

  • PCR-1000 Workstation with UV Sterilization Light

PCR-1000 Prep Station

• Prep station provides better
than Class 100 air for prep of
sterile PCR samples

• UV sterilization lamp destroys
potentially contaminating DNA
or RNA

• Provides continuous protection
during prep and storage of
PCR sample tubes

• Worksurface is a smooth, easy
to clean white polyethylene

The Airfiltronix PCR Prep Station provides continuous protection during the preparation and temporary storage of your PCR sample tubes. Protect products and samples from contamination with Class 100 clean air or better. A HEPA filter rated 99.99% efficient at 0.3 microns and a Dacron prefilter rated 65% efficient at 6 microns create a particulate-free work area of better than 100 ppm. To further reduce the risk of contamination of samples, the prep station incorporates a 15 watt UV sterilization lamp to destroy any potentially contaminating DNA or RNA. A high efficiency centrifugal, brushless AC motor with dynamically balanced backward curved impeller is mounted inside a vinyl painted steel blower housing. The variable speed control allows for continuous adjustment of air flow from 30% up to full speed.

The enclosure is constructed of UV stablized acrylic (1/2" clear acrylic top for easy viewing and 3/8" clear acrylic side panels). The hood includes a vertically hinged polycarbonate door. The worksurface is a smooth, white polyethylene surface, which is easily cleanable. A 15 watt fluorescent lamp is provided for ample lighting of the work area. Both the UV and fluorescent lights are provided with a control switch.

includes HP-2 HEPA filter and PF-1R pre-filter

Model No.
Workspace: 23.25"W x 17.5"D x 17"H
Overall Dimensions: 24"W x 30.25"H x 18"D
Power Requirements: 115V AC, 100W, 50/60 Hz, 230V AC optional
Weight: 91 lbs. (including filters)
Blower: 530 CFM, (free air), Backward Curved Impeller
Noise Level: A weighted noise level 62 dB at 1 meter.

Airflow Performance Statistics
Filters Installed
Max Airflow
Face Velocity
HEPA & Dacron
All numbers refer to average readings taken at full blower speed

Please note: we can manufacture this unit in many different sizes and/or configuration. Please call to discuss your application.

Note: For filter info see Filters

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