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U.S. Sales Distributors

At Airfiltronix Corporation we are always looking for ways to provide better service to our customers. One way we feel we can better serve you is to have a network of laboratory and industrial hygiene distributors throughout the U.S. who are able to provide local sales and support.

We are constantly working to increase distributor coverage in all areas o the U.S. However, we do have some areas that are not covered by a local distributor. If you do not find a distributor within your area, you will be directed to contact Airfiltronix. We will be happy to assist you directly.

  • Company Phone Email Region Histology Dermatology Catalog Other
  • BRIGHT PACKAGING 386-615-2030 Contact East Coast
  • INTEGRATED MEDICAL SOLUTIONS 305-382-0643 Contact East Coast
  • JACKSON-HALE ENVIRONMENTAL 336-766-5195 Contact East Coast
  • ASSEMBLED PRODUCT SPECIALISTS 858-485-1207 Contact National
  • COLE PARMER INSTRUMENT CO. 800-323-4340 Contact National
  • EMSCO SCIENTIFIC 215-477-5601 Contact National
  • HARVARD APPARATUS INC. 508-655-7000 Contact National
  • MARKSON LABSALES INC. 800-528-5114 Contact National
  • Medical Equipment Source, LLC 888-633-5849 Contact National
  • Mercedes Medical 800 331-2716 Contact National
  • NCI INC. 888-559-3312 Contact National
  • RANKIN 248-625-4104 Contact National
  • TBJ INC. 717-261-9700 X125 Contact National
  • Clean Room World 303-752-0076 Contact Nationally
  • Avantik Biogroup 888-392-8411 Contact North East
  • CAPINTEC, INC. 201-825-4829 Contact North East
  • EM CAHILL CO, INC. 800-721-7137 Contact North East
  • McCrone Microscopes LLC. 630-887-7100 Contact North East
  • LABREPCO, INC. 877-521-0754 Contact Northeast
  • LAB INTERIOR SOLUTIONS 510-410-2562 Contact SC, NC, GA
  • AIR PURIFICATION 800-829-0225 Contact South Eastern U.S.
  • APPLIED INSTRUMENTS CORP. 949-661-9900 Contact West Coast
  • PSL-EQUIP 760-295-1842 Contact West Coast